Attempting IBM Design Challenge 2020-Patterns Interns

Last year, I applied to be an intern at IBM. I got into the second stage of the application process which was the IBM design challenge.

Problem Statement:

Design a better way or a mid-career professional who occasionally travels for work to find just the right vehicle when using the Hertz mobile app.

  • Stay focused on this specific task. We don’t expect to see a full-fledged app design.

The company wanted to know about my thinking process. They also gave me a timeframe of 4 fours to work on this project.

I conducted interviews with different people . I asked the people I interviewed to use the platform and tell me what their problems were.

I identified the problems they had which were:

  1. Constantly picking dates/ times that were not available and getting error messages.
  2. Ability to use google voice to text translator to speed up the rental process.
  3. Questions about renting vehicles out of state.

After the interview, I made 3 different personas of people that would use my platform. These were the major people i considered while making my personas.

  1. The busy career man/ woman
  2. The individuals with disabilities.
  3. The youths that want to have a vacation but are on a really tight budget.

I created files for them with different scenarios. Here are the personas I made:

What are their needs

  1. Customers want to be able to filter their options based on the brand producing the cars.
  2. Customers want to be able to book using Google’s voice to text translations.This feature would also help blind people to use the platform.
  3. Customers were feeling a sense of frustration when they kept booking dates and the app returned that the venues are closed. They would like more suggestions and more help. Showing different days and times the venues are open would help more instead of stating that the location is closed.

Then i created a How might we file, to create solutions of this problems.

ž žThe solutions to the problems

  1. Adding more filters would solve the problem. For instance, we can add the brand of the car the customer would like.
  2. Next we can add a google voice to text translator at the far end section of the page.
  3. When a user chooses a date that is not currently available, the app should recommend other days that would be available for the user.


I was promoted to the next stage of the interview. Looking back, i noticed alot of things i could have done better. Thinking out of the box set me apart, but after a while i decided to finish courses so as to understand IBM’s thinking processes better.




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